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I have been awarded 2nd place in the educational category of the Canadian Blog Awards. I’m taking that designation with a grain of salt as there are many excellent Canadian educational blogs that weren’t even mentioned in the process. Thus, I’d like to start a list of active, longer-term, Canadian educational blogs. Here are the ones I know from memory, listed in no particular order. I will likely start a wikied list in the near future.

Canadian Edublog Award - 2nd Place

Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog – Kathy Cassidy
Make it Interesting – Chris Harbeck
Webbed Feat – Sylvia Currie
Clint Lalonde dot net – Clint Lalonde
samlab – Doug Symington
A Difference – Darren Kuropatwa
Half an Hour – Stephen Downes
OLDaily – Stephen Downes
Blog of Proximal Development – Konrad Glogowski
Musings – Just Learning – Sharon Peters
Ideas and Thoughts – Dean Shareski
McToonish – Heather Ross
Open Monologue – Rob Wall
Educational Discourse – Kelly Christopherson
Light in the Woods – Kyle Lichtenwald
Remote Access – Clarence Fisher
The Teaching Life – Cyril Kesten
Rick’s Café Canadien – Rick Schwier
Classroom Tech Tips – Donna Desroches
D’Arcy Norman dot net – D’Arcy Norman
Abject Learning – Brian Lamb
EdTechPost – Scott Leslie
elearnspace – George Siemens
Dave’s Educational Blog – Dave Cormier
Michael’s English Usage – Michael Lyons
Pair-a-Dimes – David Truss
Gnuosphere – Peter Rock
42/1 – Cyprien Lomas
Adventures in Instructional Support – Jim Sibley
Beyond Operant Conditioning and Bells – Stephanie Chu
Bird’s Eye View – Christopher Brooks
ehabitus – Norm Friesen
Michelle’s Online Learning Freakout Party Zone – Michelle Lamberson
Terry Anderson Blog – Terry Anderson
Free Resources for (Special) Education – Paul Hamilton

Allright. Who am I missing?

Update: I’ve created a wiki link. You’ll need to join the wikispace to add or edit the list. It would be great if we could categorize these as well.

13 thoughts on “Canadian Educational Blogs

  1. So I have no idea of what criteria you are using (other than “located in Canada” “written by an individual” and “about elearning”) but here are a bunch of other Canucks I follow (though many of them are sporadic posters at best. Maybe this will prompt them out of slumber).

    Cyprien Lomas 42/1 (UBC) –
    Jim Sibley (UBC) –
    Stephanie Chu (SFU) –
    Christopher Brooks (USask) –
    Doug Symington (South Island Learning Community, Victoria) –
    Norm Friesen (Thomson Rivers U) –
    Michelle Lamberson (UBC) –
    Terry Anderson (Athabasca) –

    A good exercise because it got me to clean out my aggregator a bit too. Now let’s see this post get past the spam filters!

  2. Congrats and Good list Alec. There are few on the list I haven’t found yet and will be visiting soon. I have thought often about the number of prominent Canadian edubloggers. One thing I have thought about one day creating is a geo-marked map edublogger locations. Think cluster map on steroids.

  3. I add to your congratulations Alec. It takes a lot of dedication to provide what I consider a valuable resource. (virtual pat on the back). I wish I could contribute to the list, but I dare go near all of these submissions!

  4. Congratulations, Alec. I hope to one day be able to provide such a valuable resource to my students. Thank you for the additional blogs.

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