Canadian Educational Blogs

I have been awarded 2nd place in the educational category of the Canadian Blog Awards. I’m taking that designation with a grain of salt as there are many excellent Canadian educational blogs that weren’t even mentioned in the process. Thus, I’d like to start a list of active, longer-term, Canadian educational blogs. Here are the ones I know from memory, listed in no particular order. I will likely start a wikied list in the near future.

Canadian Edublog Award - 2nd Place

Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog – Kathy Cassidy
Make it Interesting – Chris Harbeck
Webbed Feat – Sylvia Currie
Clint Lalonde dot net – Clint Lalonde
samlab – Doug Symington
A Difference – Darren Kuropatwa
Half an Hour – Stephen Downes
OLDaily – Stephen Downes
Blog of Proximal Development – Konrad Glogowski
Musings – Just Learning – Sharon Peters
Ideas and Thoughts – Dean Shareski
McToonish – Heather Ross
Open Monologue – Rob Wall
Educational Discourse – Kelly Christopherson
Light in the Woods – Kyle Lichtenwald
Remote Access – Clarence Fisher
The Teaching Life – Cyril Kesten
Rick’s Café Canadien – Rick Schwier
Classroom Tech Tips – Donna Desroches
D’Arcy Norman dot net – D’Arcy Norman
Abject Learning – Brian Lamb
EdTechPost – Scott Leslie
elearnspace – George Siemens
Dave’s Educational Blog – Dave Cormier
Michael’s English Usage – Michael Lyons
Pair-a-Dimes – David Truss
Gnuosphere – Peter Rock
42/1 – Cyprien Lomas
Adventures in Instructional Support – Jim Sibley
Beyond Operant Conditioning and Bells – Stephanie Chu
Bird’s Eye View – Christopher Brooks
ehabitus – Norm Friesen
Michelle’s Online Learning Freakout Party Zone – Michelle Lamberson
Terry Anderson Blog – Terry Anderson
Free Resources for (Special) Education – Paul Hamilton

Allright. Who am I missing?

Update: I’ve created a wiki link. You’ll need to join the wikispace to add or edit the list. It would be great if we could categorize these as well.