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Rob, Kyle and I used Skype, HighSpeed Conferencing, and ustream tonight to do a very quick web tour for EC&I 831. Here is the recorded video, as it may be of interest. We have been heavy into the theory of edtech lately, and I was hoping that tonight we could look at some of the (mostly free) tools available.

I’m liking this format, although I’m still annoyed by the echoing that the presenter has to deal with (you won’t notice it). I feel it makes me a bit incoherent at times.

All of the tools and resources covered in this web tour are available here.

4 thoughts on “Web Tour on Ustream

  1. Alec, this was a great session. I am really enjoying using all of the different tools (even to collaborate during the sessions – Elluminate, Adobe Connect, Ustream, Skype- they are ALL new to me) and opening my mind to the vast number of free tools available to people. This is exactly what I was looking for in a technology class – actually seeing the tools in use and getting to use them myself, plus networking with others. Now to start trying all of these tools out!!

  2. First let me welcome you to Ustream, and also say we are thrilled that the educational community has accepted Ustream for the remarkable education tool that it was originally designed to be. If anyone has questions about ustream and how to stream your event, feel free to contact us at support@ustream.tv, ustreamtech@yahoo.com or stop by the Ustream Users Community Forum http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ustream-users-community-forum, for tips and techniques!

  3. This show was great. I loved hearing about all the web2.0 tools and to hear the brief explanation of what they were all about. Some I have use, many I have heard of and a lot I now want to try. Will take time to checkout your wiki as well. Thanks a lot.

  4. Alec – I found time to watch the session, I missed last Wednesday. This was a very helpful session. You are right – I think things are finally starting to fall into place. I am learning about these free teaching and learning tools. I am certainly getting more comfortable blogging – thanks to wordpress. I have to say Zoho sounds great, allowing you to take notes while online, as well, Bibme would prove to be helpful for university students.

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