Connected Learning (George Siemens)

George Siemens delivered an excellent, information-packed presentation to the students of EC & I 831 this past Tuesday.

I also streamed a portion of my screen through uStream to a backchannel audience. Many tweeters came out to participate in the session.

Beyond the quality of the presentation, this was a neat experiment in video/presentation delivery/facilitation. Around 20 participants engaged in the conversation in Elluminate. More than 20 watched our class participate and engage in the material as George presented. A few of the more adventurous students (and their numbers are increasing) participated in both the Elluminate session, the ustream chat while posting thoughts to Twitter.

George spoke about connected knowledge. My students actively engaged in its creation.

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  2. First let me welcome you to Ustream, and also say we are thrilled that the educational community has accepted Ustream for the remarkable education tool that it was originally designed to be. If anyone has questions about ustream and how to stream your event, feel free to contact us at, or stop by the Ustream Users Community Forum, for tips and techniques!

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