Educational Technology Conferences Calendar

Thanks to Dan, we’ve set up an editable, RSS-enabled (subscribable) list of current educational technology conferences.

One can easily subscribe to the calendar via an RSS aggregator (e.g., Feedreader, NetNewsWire Lite, Bloglines) or for added utility, try subscribing through applications such as Apple’s iCal or Mozilla Calendar. Really neat.

I will attempt to keep the list up-to-date as possible, but if this is really going to work, I would love to see individuals who know of upcoming educational technology related conferences to add them to the calendar. I’ll leave it wide-open for now, and hopefully the spammers don’t get to it.

Check out the Educational Technology Conferences Calendar here:

To subscribe or to add a new event (conference), follow the links on the calendar page.

2 thoughts on “Educational Technology Conferences Calendar

  1. Great idea and application, Alec and Dan! One suggestion — in addition to including links to the conference sites, it would be very useful to include deadlines for Calls for Papers. I’m speaking as someone who just missed the AERA call because I wasn’t paying attention!

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