Discover the Next ‘Cool Tool’

A while back, I mentioned the engadget website as a great place to learn about the “latest and greatest” technologies available. I still recommend the site, but I usually get depressed trying to finance the “latest and greatest”.

I recently discovered Cool Tools, from Kevin Kelly of Wired Magazine. There are some great tools mentioned here, and I actually find many to be reasonable in price. For instance, the iStopMotion software at $40 USD looks like it would be perfect for teachers using claymation in their classrooms.

I also really liked the mention of Life Balance software. Basically it’s a program that helps you chart what activities one actually spends time with (e.g., making money, exercise, family, etc.), and helps you determine a suitable life balance. With a wonderful new responsibility in my life matched with my extreme workaholism, I may just have to give it a try. :-)