“Compilation of Human Knowledge Experience”

I often browse the ‘Hot Spurls‘ and discover terrific websites that I hadn’t noticed earlier. This time I found

“Answerbag is a compilation of human knowledge and experience. It is a universal, user-generated set of frequently-asked questions (FAQs). It is built and policed by its users, a worldwide information community that is working together to make Answerbag an authoritative collection of questions and answers on any topic relevant today. Answerbag follows the Open Content model.”

Answerbag is similar to Wikipedia in that the content is generated and edited by its users. However, Answerbag is focused mostly on building everyday knowledge and frequently asked questions on various topics (home remedies, skin care, sports, weight loss, mortgages, etc.). If you want to learn anything from the type of wood used in popsicles sticks, to the difference between dvd -r and dvd +r formats, to what heaven may look like, Answerbag may be what you are looking for.