LiveScribe – Smart Pen

Bernie Dodge just wrote a post alerting me to LiveScribe, “a smart pen combined with special (but inexpensive) paper that allows non-linear access to the sounds recorded when the notes were taken.”


Check out the sneak preview.

8 thoughts on “LiveScribe – Smart Pen

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  2. This is so need. It will be great for people that don’t write fast enough to keep up with the teacher.

  3. Wow! How cool is that? Too bad it isn’t free like the other things I can use on the internet…hehe.

  4. sounds like a really interesting device, but just exactly how inexpensive is this paper? is it similar in price to regular paper, or substantially more?

  5. do u really think it will improve ur grades in school?i dont think so.because since u have it u tend to pay less attention in class and leave it to pen.but when u go home and upload to ur pc ull be lost.y not rather pay attention in school?its all in your mind.y indian kids are smarter in school than us kids? because no calculators are allowed in school in india unlike kids cant even count in their mind what even 5 year old indian kids can.doesnt matter how smart ur pen is if u dont wanna learn u will fail in school.and a student who really wanna study can and will top the class with normal 1$ pen.

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