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I made my students cry today. I cried.

Baby Eliot
We were investigating the power of media, specifically, students listed videos that drew great emotional responses. Irma sent me this video, 99 Balloons, a story about baby Eliot who was born with Edward’s syndrome. This is an incredibly touching story about Eliot, his very loving parents and their experience. It’s very powerful. See the video here.

I just noticed another powerful video, albeit in a different way, on The Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Vicki writes, “Whatever your beliefs, you should see this video. It is a message to all of you leaders out there who are reading this blog.” I agree.

Put together, these two videos reminded me of the Dick Hoyt video I blogged about almost a year ago.

That one also made me cry, but these types of video inspire me to be a better leader, a better father and a better person.

Have any videos inspired you lately? What are the most powerful videos you have ever seen? I’d love you to share.

Update: I’ve started a wiki for these inspirational videos. Feel free to add or edit!

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  1. I did a search on You Tube, because I have not kept a collection of inspirational videos. I have started to collect them now.

    I am happy to share this one. I have found Lance Armstrong to be an exemplar of someone who does not give up.

  2. Ok, you really have got to stop showing me so many videos. I am becoming addicted to youtube :) Thanks for these. I have forwarded them to a couple of people, one being the head football coach of our local high school and the other was sent to the parents of the student I worked with for four years. His family have been an inspiration to me and many other people. I am sure this video will inspire them to keep running the race, even when it seems difficult and challenging. Thanks!

  3. I have two to share. The world of Second Life has given many folks with various disabilities the power to do things they cannot do easily in real life – dance, run, shop, socialize, express themselves, recreate, all sorts of things. One such person, Simon Stevens, who has Cerebral Palsy, but has a thriving real life business that got its start in Second Life. Here’s Simon’s blog:


    Anyway, the first video I want to share relates specifically to these folks, and how they are using Second Life to find, literally, a Better Life. The soundtrack is amazing and the images are too, especially for those of us who have been immersed in the virtual world.


    The second video, called “In My Language,” was produced by an autistic person, including all the audio (done with a text to speech tool). After watching it, you will never think the same way about an autistic person again. So powerful.




  4. Wade Davis on TED
    Eben Moglen (anything)
    Chomsky future of government
    Randy Pausch (last lecture)
    Jimmy Wales
    danah boyd
    Jon Maddog Hall
    Alan Kay
    Kathy Sierra on flow
    Lawrence Lessig
    Stephen Downes
    Howard Rheingold

  5. Alec,

    I’m in my basement waiting for my eyes to clear up before I can head upstairs where company awaits. Great videos. Tomorrow, no studying for me; I’m going to spend every second with my family.


  6. Wow. I’m really glad I wasn’t in class when you showed this video. (did you?) I am sitting in my living room with tears running down my face. Not something Id like to experience with 30 classmates. Thanks for sharing this (and thanks to Irma for passing it on to you!!)

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