Creating Multiple Student Accounts From One Gmail Account

I noticed a twit from Kim Cofino re: her setting up linked Gmail accounts from one account. This made me wonder how this was done. I’m not sure if this is what she meant, but if you follow this Jingcast, you will see how you can set up multiple student email address which can all be handled and filtered through one Gmail account.

See the Jingcast here.

I did this quickly, I hope it’s understandable. If there are any questions, let me know.

23 thoughts on “Creating Multiple Student Accounts From One Gmail Account

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  2. When you create the filter, there’s an option to apply it to the messages it finds when you test the filter criteria (it seems gmail automatically runs that test for you now when you click “next” in that process).

    Another option to set is to Archive it (skip the inbox). That will keep new matching messages out of your inbox and only in the “label.” Gmail will indicate new messages next to each label with a number, as you might expect.

  3. Yes, but can they login to Google Docs this way, and can they also collaborate in email this way. I see this as a one-way email only that is used solely to sign up for something?

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  6. If you set up a Gmail account and add the filter for each student, I assume that only the instructor can access the email account. So, is this really a dummy address as far as the student is concerned? I guess that you can tell the students about emails that they receive.

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