The Inaugural EdTech Posse Podcast

Rob Wall, Dean Shareski and I had some fun last night as we recorded our first EdTech Posse podcast. The conference call was facilitated via Skype and recorded by Rob with MixCast Live. Rick Schwier, who is also a part of our core group, was unable to make the conversation last night, but you should be hearing his voice in podcasts to come.

I think just the mere fact that the three of us were able to host and record a conversation that was facilitated from three different geographic locations, and then serve this out on our respective blogs, in itself, shows how easy the technology is becoming. It’s a perfect example of “small tools, loosely joined”. But of course, “content is king” (actually one of the subtopics of our podcast), so listeners can make the final judgement. Just remember … it’s our first time.

At the very least, I found that the process of podcasting with others in my field can be an excellent professional development opportunity. It’s wonderful to be intellectually stimulated (even that late in the evening), and to connect to others with similar passions and goals but often diverse experiences. I can’t wait for the next one!

Feel free to take a listen, and I hope to be a part of more conversations in the near future. And as Rob said, we’re recruiting … so if you are interested in being a part of a podcasted conversation with others in the area of educational technology, let us know.