This One’s For You, PorkChop!

Maybe it was Dean Shareski’s awesome pre-Father’s Day tribute, or maybe it’s because I am blessed with my beautiful daughter Raine, or maybe it’s the humid Saskatchewan weather … I don’t know, but I’m feeling a bit sentimental tonight.

This post is long overdue, but very important to me. A few weeks back, my brother George successfully completed the Saskatoon Marathon. In fact, he did really well to finish 10th overall and 4th in his age class.

For anyone, this would be a great accomplishment. But, if you know George, you’ll know that this is even bigger. Although George had always been a good athlete (e.g., basketball, football), he suffered from a weight problem that moved on with him into his 20’s. Yup … kids can be cruel, and as you might have already guessed it … his siblings (cruelly, yet full of love) used to call him “Porkchop”. After he was done his run in Saskatoon, I joked to him how “Project Porkchop”, our evil scheme to get him to overachieve, finally was complete after all of these years.

Well … the reality is, he did it all himself … and deserves all of the credit. My mom and dad, older brother and I were there for the event, and were extremely proud to see George accomplish his goal. While this was actually his second completed marathon, he was able to beat his previous time by more than an hour.

Well, here’s to you George. We are all incredibly proud of you and so happy that we could be part of your day. I’m inspired, and maybe someday I’ll be running along side.

Love you man!

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