Edtech Posse Podcast 5.6 With Howard Rheingold

Dean, Rob, Rick, and I had the privilege of speaking with Howard Rheingold for our latest podcast. In this podcast we discussed “twitter, community, and the challenges of creating inquiry-based learning”. It was a great conversation where I think we all learned and reflected quite a bit, and I hope you enjoy.

Howard Rheingold

Edtech Posse Podcast 5.4

Heather Ross is back along with Dean Shareski, Rob Wall and Kyle Lichtenwald. They talk about digital safety and identity, digital residents and digital tourists. Unfortunately, Rick and I had to miss the conversation.

I am going to listen now … and you should too!

Edtech Posse Podcast 5.3 (Winston’s Pub Edition)

The Edtech Posse recorded the latest, extremely raw, podcast in the ambiance that is Winston’s Pub in Saskatoon. What did we talk about? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

Voices include: Myself, Rob Wall, Rick Schwier, Dean Shareski, Clarence Fisher, Kyle Lichtenwald, Kathy Cassidy, Dean Loberg … several others (sorry if I missed you, please let me know).

Edtech Posse Podcast 5.1 – Icky Flickr People & Balancing Openness

The latest Edtech Posse podcast is up (thanks Rob). This was a conversation recorded last night with Dean Shareski, Richard Schwier, Rob Wall and myself (and a special, mystery presenter!) regarding my latest Flickr Perversion post, balancing openness, Wikipedia, milli-Dunbars, 2009/365, and building social networks. It was a fun conversation (as usual) and we hope you’ll have a listen.

Edtech Posse Podcast: Copyright Chat w/ Dr. Michael Geist

Members of the Edtech Posse (Dean, Rick, and I) had the great pleasure of chatting with the brilliant Dr. Michael Geist last night. Dr. Geist is a Professor at the University of Ottawa and is Canada’s leading legal expert on Copyright law. It was a terrific conversation with a lot of information regarding current copyright/copyleft law as it applies to education. While much of the conversation covered the Canadian context, I believe that there is much here that will appeal to international listeners as well.

Michael Geist

Thanks to Rob Wall who edited the audio, but unfortunately could not join us in the conversation. Heather Ross, our other Posse member, was also unable to attend.

Enjoy the podcast.


Flowgram is a nice tool that I think many educators would find useful. Flowgram allows you to take webpages, photos, or PowerPoint presentations, put them into a linear sequence and add audio narration and notes. The result is somewhat like a screencast. It is free, does not require a download, and Flowgrams are embeddable in your blog, or can be shared in other ways (e.g., Facebook, Delicious, etc.)

Abhay Parekh, founder of the company, created a Flowgram to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool. Click on the image below:

Flowgram may be useful to yourself, or students. I can think of a number of educational applications.

Edtech Posse Podcast 4.5 With Ewan McIntosh

From the Edtech Posse site:

Ewan McIntosh came over from Scotland to share a pint and a pretty decent conversation with us. Rob Wall, Alec Couros, Dean Shareski, Cindy Seibel and Kyle Lichtenwald sat down with Ewan at Bobby’s Tavern in Moose Jaw. A big thanks to Dean for hosting a great get together in his home city.

Conversation with Ewan McIntosh and Friends
(Photo credit, Dean Shareski)

It was terrific to meet Ewan, and it was a great day for learning with good friends.

Conversation with Chris Lehmann

Chris Lehmann, principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, was last night’s guest in EC&I 831. Chris shared his experience as a progressive educator/administrator, and provided many valuable insights for our participants.

The recorded Elluminate session is available here.

Ustream version available below:

And finally, Rob has provided an mp3 version.

Thanks so much for presenting Chris. This was an excellent way to round off a great group of presenters!

New Edtech Posse Episode with David Jakes

We were privileged to have had David Jakes as our guest on the last Edtech Posse podcast. After a bit of a delay, Rob Wall has masterfully edited and published the conversation. Dean Shareski has posted more details of the conversation including show notes. I had connection problems that night so I only made a brief appearance, but the conversation was great and I am glad I get to finally hear it.

Thanks to David and the Edtech Posse. I can’t wait until the next conversation.

EdTech Posse Podcast 3.2 With Bud Hunt

Rob has uploaded our latest Edtech Posse Podcast. This time, we were lucky enough to have a conversation with Bud Hunt.

Bud Hunt sat in with us a little while ago. We had a great chat including some discussion of the relationship of optimum podcast length to commute time, educational technologists as change agents and comparing the issues around educational technology in Canada and the United States. We also give you another chance to win one of the coveted EdTech Posse coffee mugs! Listen for more details!

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