Edtech Posse Podcast 5.3 (Winston’s Pub Edition)

The Edtech Posse recorded the latest, extremely raw, podcast in the ambiance that is Winston’s Pub in Saskatoon. What did we talk about? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

Voices include: Myself, Rob Wall, Rick Schwier, Dean Shareski, Clarence Fisher, Kyle Lichtenwald, Kathy Cassidy, Dean Loberg … several others (sorry if I missed you, please let me know).

2 thoughts on “Edtech Posse Podcast 5.3 (Winston’s Pub Edition)

  1. I agree that this podcast was pretty ‘raw’ in its quality, however, I’m glad you posted it as the discussion was rich. I’ve been a follower of Jamie McKenzie for many years but agree with your discussion about no man being an island and the true value of learning comes through our sharing it with others. As John Seely Brown wrote in his January 2008 Educause article, Minds on Fire – ‘Mastering a field of knowledge involves not only “learning about” the subject matter but also “learning to be” a full participant in the field’. So true. Keep the discussion rolling, it’s good.
    Cheers Camilla

  2. This is the first podcast I have listned to…never again..j/k. Listening to it made me feel like I was sitting at Winston’s. The topics discussed were The Fonz, a bowl of soup, and Dean’s dogs ;). Then the posse did have a more serious discussion about curriculum and pedagogy. All and all the podcast was jam packed with fun.

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