CBC Radio Interview on Twitter

I was recently interviewed by Sheila Coles of the Morning Edition about Twitter. We talked about some of the implications of Twitter for teaching, learning, and privacy. The full interview is available here.

Also related, Rocketboom has done a recent segment on “The Twitter Global Mind” and it’s definitely worth watching. My favourite quote from the piece: “Twitter currently controls the most contemporary thought stream humanity has ever seen.”

8 thoughts on “CBC Radio Interview on Twitter

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  5. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed listening to the podcast, great interview! Thanks for introducing me to Twitter this semester! You have provided me a tool that will help me become a better teacher! :)

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  7. Alec, I have been collecting data for my digital project from students at my school and have been very surprised to find out that many are not familiar with twitter. It goes without saying that the most used communication tool appears to be text messaging. In any case, now that I have finally set up a twitter account I can see the appeal to it. I am confident that once I get some free time this summer I will be using twitter on a more regular basis.

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