Official: Skype for iPhone Available Tuesday


cnet News just announced that Skype for iPhone will be released on Tuesday, March 31. This means that iPhone users will be able to make VoIP calls with their iPhone over wifi networks. The app will not work on cellular phone networks. However, I assume that a jailbroken phone with the installed VoIPover3G would work to get around this technical limitation.

In any case, I’m looking forward to trying Skype from my iPhone.

Also relevant and recent, read why “Skype May Be The Biggest Winner From The Web 2.0 Era” (ReadWriteWeb).

Update: So it appears that Skype will be available just about everywhere, except Canada.

3 thoughts on “Official: Skype for iPhone Available Tuesday

  1. This entry caught my eye because I am always hearing about Skype but I have never used it. I found the article you included interesting. I really do not know much about the business side of technology. I did not realize that E-bay owned Skype.

  2. Heya. Just a note – Skype is available in Canada, and I use it every day. Skype-in numbers are an issue, but not much of one. I use Skype with my cell, and just use the Skype service to display my cell-number when I call people. For $5 I get unlimited incoming calls, so people just phone me on Skype and get the cell. So, my outbound calls with Skype are free (well, $26 a year), and my inbound are free.

    Skype’s inability to have the SkypeIn numbers in Canada is because we have 3 major phone providers (Bell, Rogers and Telus) who have essentially set up a quasi-monopoly and shut out any non-Caadian competition – including having sole control over any complaints made against them by the public, and lots of closed-door sessions where they make decisions that lead to Canada having the most expensive telephone/cellphone/internet services and the worst consumer protection in the world. VOIP services abound though, if you look for them, and you can actually get a SkypeIn number with a Toronto area code from a 3rd-party Canadian provider if you know where to look.

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