Open Thinking Turns Five

My first post to this blog is dated March 11, 2004. So this post marks the fifth birthday of my blog! Happy Birthday Open Thinking!!!

Happy Fifth Birthday Open Thinking!

This space has helped me to enjoy some of the greatest learning experiences of my career. It has connected me to many brilliant thinkers. It has enabled me to write and evaluate ideas in the open. It has become a storehouse for my thoughts, and an important component of my digital identity.

Had anyone told me how important to me this would be five years later, I would have never believed it.

Please join me in wishing Open Thinking a happy fifth birthday!

32 thoughts on “Open Thinking Turns Five

  1. 5 already. My gosh, I remember when you were just a fresh newborn running on Movable Type.

    Congratulations on a long blog run, and I’ll wish you the same on your 10th.

  2. I don’t know when exactly I started reading your posts, so I won’t be able to celebrate “our” birthday. However, it’s certainly inspired my thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Happy 5th blog birthday. I just looked back to my first post, it was March 31st, 2007. I can’t believe it has only been 2 years for me. It feels like I have been blogging forever (in a good way!).
    Hope all is well in Canada!

    I am always amazed at how great the digital community is in keeping the learning evolving and eternal.
    Thanks for your contribution!

  5. wishing you, your blog and your readers, a happy & reflective blogiversary. Keep kicking out your thoughts on digital pedagogy, re-distributing the relevant videos, continue to link to individuals, organizations and stories that will influence our learning. This blog is influential to many and I plan to follow along for years to come.

  6. Happy birthday Open Thinking. I can’t say that I have known you since your birth, but I hope to follow your growth for the coming years. Make a wish and have a great many years to come.

  7. This is a blog that well deserves a long life! I have learned so much from your writing and ideas. I especially appreciate your openness and willingness to communicate with so many of us. Happy Big 5 B-Day!

  8. Happy 5th, Open Thinking! You are always worth the trip. Looking forward to many more years.

  9. Happy Birthday! It is inspiring to read your thoughts and reflections. I hope someday to reach the 5 year mark with my blog :D

  10. Happy Birthday! Well done for writing for 5 years, I’ve made one and have found it an interesting experience. Good luck for the next 5!

  11. Happy 5th Birthday. You have had a positive impact on many teachers and my classroom students. Thanks for the learning.



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