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I wrote a brief post on the possibilities for Flowgram a few days ago. Jen Jones just posted her use of the Flowgram tool, a reflection of how she used her network to prepare for a presentation. Click on Jen’s Flowgram below:

Jen has provided us with a good example of how one would use Flowgram. More importantly, Jen highlights the processes she uses for learning from and being creative with her social network.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Here’s the back story. I was working on this just a few minutes before I needed to leave for the presentation. I couldn’t get the audio to work. Secret: right click on the slide space and go through the Adobe settings. Anyway, I got to the site and they didn’t have the latest version of Flash Player. I called the help desk and they updated remotely. Then flowgram went down completely! I started the presentation with the flowgram error screen, which many did not appreciate, but I thought it was funny :) The actual presentation is here I’m updating resources and the flickr images. My camera also didn’t work to send photos up during the session. The “Learning Together” section is all audience participation. I just opened up the wiki and typed in their brainstorm.

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