Get Unplugged

There has been some important discussion as of late about renegotiating relationships and our ties with social network tools and online spaces. For those of you still finding your way, here’s a cute video that may help.

This is part of a viral advertising campaign from The company’s strategy tagline is “use the Internet to get off the Internet.” Check out the “get your friends unplugged” page, where you can send your friends a reminder to get offline. Yes, it’s viral marketing so as always, carefully critique the sender and the message.

Go outside!

3 thoughts on “Get Unplugged

  1. This was one of my take aways from reading “Here Comes Everybody”. While there are always bad examples, we know from experience that opportunities to meet and spend time with people F2F is what’s most important….See you at BarCamp!

  2. Beautiful creation. I love it! However, I signed up for 2 meetup groups a few years ago, and have never gone to an event. I get at least 3 or 4 messages a day from the groups in my spam email account. I wonder how to unmeetup.

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