Drug Deal? – Google Maps Streetview

This is almost too crazy to be real, but the link to Google Maps is authentic. NotCot.org points to this very focused view in Google streetview in Chicago.

The zoom/street view on Google Maps is crazy, here’s another great find – in Chicago of a car break in . Yes, this is real.

Google Streetview theft

Now I can’t tell exactly what this individual is doing. NotCot reports a car theft, but I do not see verification of that anywhere else. For all I can tell, it could be two people trading baseball cards.

Google Maps, amazing, but still more than a bit scary. See also “Top 15 Google Street View Sightings“.

6 thoughts on “Drug Deal? – Google Maps Streetview

  1. It is a bit scary to see what Google Maps can do. It’s like there’s always someone watching what you are doing. I’m all for it if it’s for security purposes but then we sacrifice our privacy. I have mixed feelings about that. It does appear that’s where we’re heading. What do you think?

  2. Whats so bad about Street View? Its not an invasion in any way… Anyone can stand in the street and take identical photos. Everything there is to see on Street View is available to see in real life…

  3. UK Hammer: exactly, it’s public space.

    the zoom you get from the aerial views are just on the edge of my tolerance mind you. Taking pictures of my house from the sky is not cool IMO.

    Rosanne: read above, =]

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