Drug Deal? – Google Maps Streetview

This is almost too crazy to be real, but the link to Google Maps is authentic. NotCot.org points to this very focused view in Google streetview in Chicago.

The zoom/street view on Google Maps is crazy, here’s another great find – in Chicago of a car break in . Yes, this is real.

Google Streetview theft

Now I can’t tell exactly what this individual is doing. NotCot reports a car theft, but I do not see verification of that anywhere else. For all I can tell, it could be two people trading baseball cards.

Google Maps, amazing, but still more than a bit scary. See also “Top 15 Google Street View Sightings“.

We Tell Stories – “The 21 Steps”

Penguin Publishing has put out a neat site where it seems six stories by six authors will be told in the coming weeks via Google Maps. The first story is 21 steps by Charles Cumming, and with this, you can quickly get a sense of how the stories will be told.

21 Steps

Content and marketing aside, this could be a very powerful way of telling a story.