4 thoughts on “Safety and Social Networking

  1. Wow! What a great article! It was easy to read and understand which for some of my teachers is a must. It was chock full of useful information which is another must if I am going to take time to read an article! I will be sharing this with at my CEC meeting with other teachers. Thanks!

  2. Some very useful information Alec. I struggle with the whole idea of safety on the net in our school as well. We try to educate student’s on safe practices, but we are not sure of how well we do at times. Your points you list are good starting points. We use Terminator X, but is it sufficient. Currently, our configuration does not really allow us to track students, or rather, it makes it clumsy. Any suggestions? Do you have a list of some free tracking tools we could use?

    Also, I recently saw a student using otunnel and found out that he was using free proxies to get around blocked sites. Maybe we can block up the free proxy sites?

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  4. The more I read about technology the more I realize that I have so much to learn. My learning will continue beyond this course. The connections I’ve made through this course are so valuable to my development as a teacher and also a parent. One thing is for sure I will definitely be monitoring more closely what sites my own children are visiting and involved with. Great information for all!!

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