Digital Birthday

With about 10 minutes left on my birthday, I thought I would share the the distribution of my birthday wishes.

47 Facebook wallposts, 7 Facebook private messages, 34 emails, 4 ecards, 4 Skype messages, 3 MSN Messenger messages, 42 Twitter Messages, 3 ICQ message (yes ICQ, via Adium), 1 Seesmic birthday song, 2 phonecalls and 2 birthday cards. Total: 144 different individuals.

Times are changing, in both good and bad ways, but times are changing.

Hey, 144 is pretty close to my Dunbar number.

11 thoughts on “Digital Birthday

  1. Is it too late to add one more!? — Best wishes and congratulations for completing yet another year on this planet! Thanks for all your contributions.

  2. Hey Alec,
    Happy Birthday from Downunder – hope you’ve had a great day!
    Your early encouragement is helping to keep me going with my blog. Hope you have a wonderful year.
    Jenny Luca.

  3. Let’s add another – Happy birthday again (albeit one day late).

    And a thought. Does an online connection count as much as a live, real life connection. It doesn’t require as much processing power to process things like body language, facial expression, tone of voice, etc. It seems that we ought to be able to form more online connections. Maybe each online connection is worth about 0.25 Dunbar units.

  4. Opps looks like I’ve gotten behind on blog reading – belated Happy Birthday — also from Down Under but from the other (better :) ) side of Australia (Western). Looks like you had a fantastic day :)

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