This is the best example of Skype or video-conferencing I have ever seen in the classroom, or elsewhere for that matter.

Grade 4 Students

My fourth graders have produced a 5 minute video that tells the story of how we “Skype” a classmate that has leukemia into our classroom.

See the video here.

What a wonderful project. After a week of listening to school administrators justify why certain technologies are blocked in schools (e.g., Youtube, Skype, Blogger), this video has given me even more evidence of why it is unwise (and likely wrong) to do so.

6 thoughts on “Inclusion

  1. If you haven’t seen it already go find “The Water Buffalo Movie” – type the title in Google and you’ll find it. It’s eight minutes long and will blow your audience away! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Let me know how they like the video!

  2. Thanks Brian,
    That was great. I’ve added that to the “to show” list.

    Students loved the video you developed and many have been spreading the word through their own blogs. Thanks again for your work!

  3. Hi Alec
    I really enjoyed seeing this video. What a great way to use technology in the classroom and include a student who can not otherwise be at school.

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