Media Education Week, Nov. 19-26, 06

I had MuchMusic playing as my background noise this morning when I overheard a Media Education type promo on the station. After a bit of searching, I was led to Much Music’s Media Education program. I’ve never noticed this before and it looks like a good resource, complete with student study guides (although I have yet to figure out where to get the corresponding programs).

I next noticed that CHUM TV (Much Music’s parent company) is sponsoring National Media Education Week this coming November 19-26, 2006. Here’s the overview of the week, and how to get involved.

Also of note, two other sites launched to support National Media Education Week:

1) Talk Media, is a new media literacy blog on MNet’s award winning Web site . The blog will be a source of commentary and dialogue on the latest media news, trends and resources.

2) Media Education: Make It Happen! program is a series of free downloadable resources to help educators understand and facilitate media literacy in their classrooms. The program consists of a booklet, PowerPoint workshop, and a facilitator’s guide with handouts.

Lots of stuff to explore. Let’s all take Media Education seriously this November, and always.

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One thought on “Media Education Week, Nov. 19-26, 06

  1. Thanks for noticing the upcoming National Media Education Week.

    Also watch out for a new public service announcement campaign to promote media literacy which will air on Canadian television and radio and in print during the week.

    Lots of exciting stuff happening for the week!


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