4 thoughts on “Fourth Grader Suspended After Refusing to Answer Exam Question

  1. Unless there is something that is not coming out, this is ludicrous. It is one thing to suspend a student for not completing a question, but for 5 days?? Having read the school’s website and the principals’ comments about what the school is about(individuality, humour, latest in strategies, etc), I think that someone was under some extreme pressure and was worried about more then just the kids.

  2. That is totally crazy! I can’t believe the education system could even allow something like this to happen. That poor child could be scarred towards education his entire life. It is very sad to see this kind of thing go on in a school. Very sad.

  3. Untill now we haven’t this crazy regime of standarized text which make the principals overzealous about beating the testscore of the neighbour school. Hope it will stay this way.
    Leif (Norway)

  4. The asinine application of state mandated school testing, the obsession with test-scores and absurd notions of student achievement has made public education in Washington State a joke. Hopefully this child will be able to actually learn something at another school, the actions of these “professional” educators notwithstanding.

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