“When life’s an open blog” …

I came across a neat article in The Star Online (A Malaysian new source) related to “new directions” in Malaysian education due to the widespread use of blogs.

View the full article here:

Of course, many of the identified uses of blogs and blogging will not be new to most readers, but I especially appreciate how this activity is perceived to be helpful in the following ways:
– in being able to publish opinions without the editing of censors
– to comment on course material which helps to “train creativity and imagination”
– provides anonymity in the commenting of political issues
– improving English language and general communication skills
– provides an active forum for daily expressions and reflection

It’s interesting how much blogging is perceived to have taken off with Malaysian youth and how it is reported to “herald a new, youthful voice of the Malaysian community.” Although it’ difficult to see the entire, accurate picture in one article, it’s certainly a neat snapshot.