Launched … to a tune by the Dayglo Abortions?

Napster has finally launched it’s music subscription service in Canada. While I didn’t download the service interface (and don’t have any plans to), it looks like the service will charge a minimum of $1.19 per song, and is also offering a $9.95 per month charge for its new streaming service.

An article on SlashDot reports that this is the third online music service launched in Canada, after PureTracks and ArchambaultZik. Napster, also doesn’t seem to be the cheapest (PureTracks offers songs as low as $.99).

What I find perhaps most interesting is the choice of song that has chosen for it’s “new Canadian animation” on the splash page. Most of you won’t recognize the tune as it was done by a fringe Canadian punk rock band called the Dayglo Abortions. The song is called Proud to Be a Canadian, and while the title seems innocent and patriotic enough, the actual full lyrics are quite appalling. View the full lyrics at your own risk. Couldn’t they have picked the Hockey Night in Canada theme instead? (go Flames)

2 thoughts on “ Launched … to a tune by the Dayglo Abortions?

  1. I can’t believe anyone else remembers the Dayglo Abortions!! I sense the need for a long discussion about the 80’s over a coffee sometime.

    As for the suitability of the song, you echoed my thoughts precisely. And the animation that went along with it was equally abhorrent – it looked like a bad neo-punk ripoff of the “I Am Canadian” commercial. My first instinct is that it was not made in Canada.

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