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In light of a recent post by Rick Schwier regarding a list of upcoming educational technology conferences, another post by Stephen Downes regarding the same list (by Clayton Wright), and a couple of other personal inquiries, I thought I would repost my link to our subscribable conference calendar. Below, you will find some information that was posted about it from last August:

We’ve set up an editable, RSS-enabled (subscribable) list of current educational technology conferences.

One can easily subscribe to the calendar via an RSS aggregator (e.g., Feedreader, NetNewsWire Lite, Bloglines) or for added utility, try subscribing through applications such as Apple’s iCal or Mozilla Calendar. Neat stuff.

I will attempt to keep the list up-to-date as possible, but if this is really going to work, I would love to see individuals who know of upcoming educational technology related conferences to add them to the calendar. I’ll leave it wide-open for now, and hopefully the spammers don’t get to it.

Check out the Educational Technology Conferences Calendar here:

To subscribe or to add a new event (conference), follow the links on the calendar page.

I’d love to keep this calendar alive if there is some need for it, and of course, I’d be happy to improve it. Comments are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Subscribe To The Educational Technology Conference Calendar (RSS. iCal)

  1. Alec,

    This might be asking for too much, but…..
    It would be nice if the dialog box asked for the proposal submission deadline and then automagically posted all the information on the appropriate day. I know we could post the deadlines as separate entires, but it sure would be nice….

  2. I think that’s a great idea, Becky. I think Rick Schwier mentioned a need like this as well. It’s certainly possible, but I was thinking that it was tricky in the sense that some conferences sometimes have multiple deadlines (full paper, short paper, etc.). But the other question, if we were to just choose one deadline, would it be reasonable from a user standpoint to have two entries for each conference (deadline date, conference date), or would it be better two have two separate feeds (edtech deadlines, edtech conferences) but still both were created from the same online form. The only benefit I see from that is that in iCal, for example, the two feeds could be separately colour coded … and I suppose the other advantage, is that one could opt for one or the other. Hmmmmmm.

    I’ll try to see how we can improve this. Thanks for the suggestion.

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