New “Shining” Movie Trailer

OK, I have no idea where this came from, but ahhhh … this is great! It also gives me (what I think is) a great idea for student video project. Hmmmm … take footage from a classic film, remix with contemporary media and create the premise of an entirely different plot.

Update: Here’s a NYT article related to the trailer.

3 thoughts on “New “Shining” Movie Trailer

  1. If Danny needs a daddy, why is he already talking about Mrs. Torrence during the same sandwich meal he says there’s noone to play with. He won’t know that name till they hook up later. The lil bastard.

  2. That was pretty amazing how someone can take a movie and totally change it into something you would not expect…….I just do not have the imagination for something like that I guess.

  3. That is so dumb. Whats the point of making a fake trailer for a movie that will never exist? It’s not like they could cut up the entire film and make it into a heart warming adventure. Why not spend your timing making something worth while, something original. Not take apart one of Stanley Kubricks classic movies. I guess it’s ok for a joke, but it’s not even funny really.

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