Google Search Tips 2005

I do several sessions a year helping students better understand the power of various search engines, and the techniques used to make efficient queries. Google Search Tips 2005 presents some great tips on using some of the “hidden” Google features, and I’m blogging this partly so I have it easily accessible when such sessions arise.

On a related note, check out Soople.

Update: I just ran into Google Total, and it’s organized fairly well.

3 thoughts on “Google Search Tips 2005

  1. Hey Alec,
    Your blog never ceases to amaze me and I check it on a regular basis just to see what else I can be sharing with my students. I am in Taiwan and this is great to help keep me updated on using technology in the classroom. Thanks again

  2. The search engine is the best teacher for my study.I use the for searching some data and information,and use the for serching mp3,嘿。All resources are free.

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