Recording Skype With WireTap Pro

I’ve been using Skype with both my Mac and Windows machine (and a l’il on Ubuntu Linux), and while it has been working fine, I haven’t been able to record the conversations easily on my Mac. I attempted an overly complex solution using Soundflower, Audio HiJack Pro & Audion, and even played around with Audacity and Garageband as other possibilities. Still, nothing was as simple as I wanted.

Well, then I tried Wiretap Pro. I had previously used Wiretap (-Pro), but that only seemed to capture he Apple audio, and didn’t catch the line-in audio. However, I upgraded and Wiretap Pro is exactly what I need, and very easy to use without messing with audio preferences. Just use WTP to record Apple audio, line-in or both … very simple, and easily picks up Skype conversations. Additionally, you can record straight out as AIFF, AAC, Quicktime or MP3. Yea, I paid $19ish … however (lesson to for-money software developers) I will still pay for proprietary software when there is no good and easy open source equivalent. Until then, WTP is worth my time.

One thought on “Recording Skype With WireTap Pro

  1. Interesting Alec. I bought WireTap Pro awhile back as well. I use it to transfer audio from my digital audio recorder using line-in. The software for the recorder to transfer digital files doesn’t work on my Mac.

    I have been unable to figure out how to record something other than through line-in or coming out my desktop speakers. Any suggestions?

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