Broadcast Machine

I’ve just noticed “Broadcast Machine” which is open-source website software that will allow individuals to easily publish video content as torrents.

For several years, I’ve been on the search for a better way of publishing student video projects without killing our server space and bandwidth. Torrent technology is very promising to alleviate bandwidth issues and provide an alternative mechanism for hosting video. Combined with a host such as OurMedia, Broadcast Machine could be promising.

From their site:
“Broadcast Machine is software for your website that can publish fullscreen video files to thousands, using torrent technology to reduce or eliminate bandwidth costs. It is free, open source, and designed for easy installation. Broadcast Machine features an intuitive interface, integrated torrent creation, and flexible channel management. It creates a browsable archive of videos on your website, but its real purpose is to be the perfect publishing tool for our video player that comes out in June. Broadcast Machine creates channels that, viewed in the player, give people a TV-like experience.”

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