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Way back in October 2004, I mentioned Nortel Networks’ Kidz Online, which I thought was a great resource for youth wishing to build their IT skills. The resource is freely provided by Nortel, however, I had issues that it was tied so tightly to Microsoft Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

However, I’ve recently received word from Nortel that their new resource titled Nortel LearniT will be officially launched at the end of June. And it looks like the new resource will be much more sensitive to proprietary platform issues.

“To address these issues and further embed technology into teacher Professional Development and Core Curriculum subjects, Nortel LearniT was created. The new site is being designed to support multiple platforms and offer new features such as dynamic lesson plans that link state and provincial standards/expectations, dynamic linking of relevant content, as well as support for RealVideo in addition to MediaPlayer.”

Well this sounds promising, but I will have to wait to see if there is another BIGGER issue addressed. Taking a quick look at the site, the only tutorial shown thus far is … ugggh … MS Front Page. So Nortel, take note. If you want to build a resource that is truly useful for schools, think also about multi-platform CONTENT. I’d love to see some basic Linux or Open Office support from a company that has the resources to provide quality resources. The ICT world is in the midst of revolution, and the leaders of this movement are inspired by OPEN thinking rather than proprietary allegiances. In developing resources such as this, the choice can be made to either preserve the old regime, or join with those that aim to improve both the quality and access to the new ICT. Corporations that support the movement will be those in the end most valued and benefitted by education and the critical consumer.

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  1. Well check it out now. We have posted a few more things on the site. We are beginning to work with schools, boards and districts to become creators of content to add to this site. So if you are big on Star Office, great, love to get training of comparable quality up for all to freely access and use. The other important thing to note on the site is that with each area of technology available for training, there are associated lesson plans and support materials. Again, looking to educators to use these free resources but adding to the collection is what is going to benefit everyone in an Open environment. Look back soon too see a change in the platform to easily support the addition of teacher and student created content.

    On the software side, we usually try to go with free or widely available and something more along industry standard and for Apple and PC platform. Sorry, for Linux users, we aren’t quite there yet.

    As an example, in Video Production we have iMovie and Priemere Pro covered.

    Take another look.

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