Top 100 Gadgets of all Time

MobilePC has released their list of the “Top 100 Gadgets of All Time“. Going through the list is like a trip down memory-lane … and it’s scary to think about how many of these gadgets I have actually owned. Now, where did I put them all? I may be digging in my attic for the rest of the day.

The only two blatant ommissions for the list? Coleco Head-to-Head Football, and of course, Colecovision.

2 thoughts on “Top 100 Gadgets of all Time

  1. That article was one huge flashback to childhood for me! Call me a nerd, but I loved my “Speak and Spell”! I agree, Coleco is definitely missing from the list. As well, there were more than one lap top, yet NO Easy Bake Oven or Magna Doodle???

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