Way back in April, I wrote a post re: FutureMe.org … a website where you could send yourself a message in the distant future, somewhat like a digital time capsule. I like the idea, but since I have already had about 10 different email addresses, I wondered about the feasibility of this and/or if the service would even be around when I wanted to receive my message.

However, FutureMail makes a bit more sense. This service allows you to email reminders to yourself on specific dates, and you can even subscribe (via RSS) to your (future) email feed. Yes, yes … I know there are calendar programs that can perform a similar service (e.g., iCal, Outlook), but I guess the tool has to fit the user. Neat idea … we’ll see how well it works.

And brother George, since you forgot my Bday this year … listen up!

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