Internet Awareness, Ethics and WebQuests

Today, I presented an Internet Awareness presentation (Caution 28 MB) to my undergraduate ECMP 355 students. Some of the topics covered include:
– Hate-based websites
– Pornography on the Internet
– Accuracy of information
– the commodication of knowledge
– Internet privacy
– Safety and instant messaging

Additionally, I just recently introduced my students to the concept of WebQuests this past week.

SO, I was happy to see an article by Hicks, Gao, Goodmans & Manning (2004) via Cannell titled “Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Be Socially and Ethically Aware Producers and Consumers of Interactive Technologies“.

The article tracks the development of a WebQuest within the teacher education program at Virginia Tech which was meant to explore “emerging issues in the classroom” re: technology. The WebQuest itself can be found at:

While, the WebQuest doesn’t quite cover all of what I tried to accomplish within my presentation, it’s a good example of how the teacher education institutions can approach covering important content through alternate web-based pedagogy.