Assignment 1 for #ds106

The following is a pretty sore excuse for my first assignment in Jim Groom’s #ds106. However, I wanted to at least keep up with some of the assignments. I’m amazed and inspired by some of the stuff that has been created by the participants so far, and I’m learning a lot about how Jim has set up the course.

I found myself with a few extra minutes today so I thought I’d attack Assignment 1 which was meant to be a short 30 second story. I think the video is closer to 5 minutes as I ramble on, kind of get to the story, and somewhat get to a point. I didn’t want to do any more than one take, and didn’t have time for any video editing this time around so it is what it is. It’s simply raw video of me walking through the snow, thinking about warmer climates, a tip that D’Arcy gave me, living life by the second, contemplating what an Italian guy said, and spending time with fish and my precious daughter.

See video below. Thanks for pushing us, Jim.

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  2. awesome. glad you guys enjoyed hanauma! one thing that blew me away about that bay is that it’s a sunken volcanic crater, with a reef that comes almost right up to the shore, and they actually blasted a channel through the reef with dynamite to make it more accessible to visitors. now, they make everyone go through an orientation about reef protection. how times change.

  3. Good to see Alec. This video is so visceral. The crunching of the snow chills me to my bones. Every step like I am there.

    As for the story, I had a similar experience over X-mas with my girl and snorkeling. She is only 4 so the idea of the snorkel is beyond her, but she loves to swim in a pool. I was so proud of her for putting on her goggles & fins and swimming out into the ocean with me. Before long she was diving down a few feet and grabbing at fish. I know exactly what you mean about the excitement under water.

    Check out some pics:

    Final thoughts, I love these sort of honest rambling sot of stories, because ultimately these are the lives we all lead. I am glad that this course is encouraging us not to worry so much about production value and final product but on the sharing of stories no matter what they look like.

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