“My Crappy Life” – When Bloggers Go Bad

I think I missed this from the main stream media … It seem that I learn everything from the blogosphere these days. Here’s a disturbing story. 16 year old Rachelle Waterman has recently been accused of enlisting the help of two twenty-four year old ex-boyfriends to have her mother murdered. What may be interesting to blog-readers is that she kept a LiveJournal blog aptly named “My Crappy Life“, and her emotionless, matter-of-fact, final blog post reads:

“Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered”

“I won’t have computer acess (sic) until the weekend or so because the police took my computer to go through the hard drive. I thank everyone for their thoughts and e-mails, I hope to talk to you when I get my computer back.”

I’ve noticed that her latest posts have now been deleted (or password protected), perhaps by LiveJournal. I imagine there are many reasons for that. When I saw it yesterday, there were 5000 comments on her final post. It’s certainly an interesting story, and I imagine if she’s proven guilty, she could just well become the Lizzie Borden of the blogger generation. Well maybe I exaggerate, but still … it’s an interesting and often brutal world we live in, and it’s amazing how blogging can give us insight into a person’s life … even when we haven’t noticed until it was too late.