Wiki News

Well of course most of you have heard of Wikipedia, WikiTravel and WikiBooks, but now the latest project of the Wikimedia Foundation is WikiNews (currently in demo).

Wired reports, “Unlike Wikipedia, Wikinews will present original material rather than just compiling and summarizing information found elsewhere, according to the news site’s organizers. For future submissions, organizers also want to set up a system for accrediting Wikinews reporters who have actively participated in the project.”

While I think it’s a great idea, the following passage (also from Wired) makes me think. The goal of WikiNews is “to collaboratively report and summarize news on all subjects from a neutral point of view.” Hmmmm … a neutral point-of-view. Is it that easy? Can we simply put away our biases, our experiences, our perceptions and our beliefs when we report the news (even though we may be left, right or other minded)? And if so, how would the news read? I guess I am so used to bias in the news, my imagination has lost the sense of what is actually possible. Let me know if anyone has an idea on this.