Microsoft’s Vision for 2019

Microsoft’s Business Division president Stephen Elop recently unveiled the latest vision from Microsoft Office Labs, a piece titled “2019″ (via Started Something). Take a look at this possible future.

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:a517b260-bb6b-48b9-87ac-8e2743a28ec5&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=shared" target="_new" title="Future Vision Montage">Video: Future Vision Montage</a>

There are some very interesting technologies pictured here, many that really do not surprise me, although I am not sure that Microsoft will be the company that pulls this off (the absence of BSODs *did* surprise me though). What do you think? Did anything impress you? Is this where we are headed? What’s missing?

The five minute version of this video is available within this post.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Vision for 2019

  1. I’ve seen the video before. At the time I was intrigued by the smart capture, the intelligent interface. I still like the notion of the technology apparently seamlessly connecting us to other people and to information.
    While still presumably possible with the technology what I didn’t see was collaborative creation – it was more about transfer or perhaps sharing. Showing that the knowledge already exists and we just need to find the right data store to understand it. That’s not necessarily all bad, but where is the curvy knowledge (ala Dave Cormier)?

  2. Interesting video, Alec. While the technology portrayed is exciting, I am amused by the attempts to emulate paper (electronic newspapers, post-it notes, etc.). Our kids really care less about paper than we educators (and, apparently, Microsoft) appear to. Some people just can’t let go completely.

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