Future of Online Learning – Stephen Downes

We were very lucky to have had a conversation with Stephen Downes last night as he took us through his vision of the next 10 years in online learning. The presentation was based on Stephen’s insightful post from last November.

For the presentation, we used Elluminate as the “front row”. As well, I hijacked the Elluminate video/audio out to Ustream.tv for those that preferred a pure back channel. Even with this provision, the majority of the conversation remained in Elluminate (the front row).

The Elluminate recording is available here, and the Ustream recording is here. Previous sessions from this course (with various other presenters) are available in the course archive.

Thanks to Stephen for an excellent presentation, and one that will keep us thinking for some time to come.

3 thoughts on “Future of Online Learning – Stephen Downes

  1. Hi there…thanks for this resource and overview :-) Unfortunately the Ustream recording does not seem to be working – works to look for the data, and then gives the message “done” and shows nothing! Off to go and have a look at the Elluminate recording now. Cheers. Hazel

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