Adbusters Suing Canadian Media

An interesting lawsuit was launched this week by Adbusters, a Vancouver-based alternative media organization, against major Canadian media broadcasters including CTV, CanWest Global, CBC and CHUM. Adbusters is suing the broadcasters for refusing to air their unique brand of anti-commercialism ads.

“Broadcasters have refused to air the ads on the grounds that they are too controversial, advocate ideas instead of products, and the don’t fit the broadcasters’ business model.” Obviously, broadcasters make money selling advertising, and may be feeling that running the ads would only be counter-productive the core of their business.

I am very interested to see how this turns out as it certainly involves a growing resistance against mass media, and a social movement toward greater media democracy. Check out Adbuster’s version of the story if you want to learn a bit more from their side.

One thought on “Adbusters Suing Canadian Media

  1. Why would a broadcaster care if an advertiser advocates ideas or products, as long as their cheque clears? I could see it if the idea was offensive, or inappropriate, but this just sounds bizarre…

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