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I may have been in the dark all this time, but I found a GREAT site that lists hundreds of calendars for subscription. These calendars include those related to academic events, entertainment, sports, holidays, etc. Simply subscribe to the Calendars in Apple’s iCal or Mozilla Calendar (and several other related apps), and your calendar is automatically updated and the events are added.

Check it out:

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  1. XC Connect -Share iCal Calalendars

    Websites that offer iCal calendars for subscription are ideal for people who just want to have a simple single-writer/multi-reader calendar sharing solution. However, for a large population of iCal users this simple calendar sharing solution is not enough. These users are looking for a solution to easily share iCal calendars bi-directionally with other colleagues; providing the ability to view, create, and/or update items seamlessly where no publishing is required.

    Xchange Network offers a collaboration solution called XC Connect. XC Connect enables data to be read from, and written to, iCal and Address Book without the requirement of traditional “publish and subscribe” methods. Synchronization can be set up to occur automatically at specified intervals. Users can create share as many calendars or address book groups as they wish. They can also define who should have access to those groups and the level of access (read-only, read-write, read-write-delete). Users may create, update, and share calendar and address book records within the native iCal and Address Book application.

    To take it one step further, XC Connect allow users to share this data with any combination of iCal/Address Book, Entourage, Microsoft Outlook, and Novell Evolution desktops. XC Connect is offered as a hosted or traditional solution.

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