The Asteroid/Video Edit

A while back, I Ustreamed a presentation on the prevalence of hate sites on the Internet. As people joined the stream, I kept on thinking, what if someone entered the stream at the wrong moment as I went over a list of hate-related literature and media. Or, what if someone decided to take record the audio later and put it together for mischievous purposes.

Well fortunately that hasn’t happened … yet, but I was reminded of this idea when I saw this link today. Luckily, this is a more humourous (and obviously edited) occurrence of the similar idea.

There are YouTube videos and websites saying that a near-Earth asteroid may cause epic disasters.

In this leaked Top Secret footage Phil Plait tells the real story, before NASA edited it and no doubt forced him to post it on his blog in order to prevent the inevitable public panic.

Disclaimer: This video is a good-natured joke at the expense of Phil Plait, and not a product of the Bad Astronomer. It is not endorsed by, or officially representative of Phil Plait’s opinions or website.

Get the real story here.