2 thoughts on “Weezer Music Video – Count the Memes

  1. Cool video Alec. Since I am still learning tech. lingo, please clarify “meme” for me. I looked it up, but still a little unclear. Thx.

  2. Hey Dave,
    Meme comes from the study of memetics in the study of “self-replicating units of culture.” There are many types of memes on the Internet such as blogging memes (Passion Quilt Meme has a been a recent popular one) and viral videos. From this video, there are a number of video excerpts that have become viral, pass on through blogs and emails, and copied, imitated, etc. that they are known widely throughout the internet. Lynch’s book “Thought Contagion” is a good read on memetics, or check out the wikipedia post on memetics.

    Cheers Dave.

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