11 Year Old School Network Administrator

Interesting story.

When Victory Baptist School, a small private school in Millbrook, Ala., was struggling to keep its computer network together last year, an 11-year-old student named Jon Penn stepped in as network manager.

This sounds like an interesting learning experience for the young student. Although, if I had his email address I would try to get him to switch to Linux.

5 thoughts on “11 Year Old School Network Administrator

  1. Thanks indeed for sharing. I applaud the kid and wish him the best, however there is an issue about the school administration; unless I read too quickly, the article doesn’t say under what conditions (staff or volunteer? salary?! working hours?!) was he hired. Child (even gifted) labor is ok?

  2. Stylianos, you know, I thought that as well, I was looking to see if he was paid, and it didn’t say. They are saving money, but I have some issues with it if they are using the kid.

  3. The other way to look at it is from a coop experience. I know we generally don’t have coop education at the elementary level but there’s no reason not to. This is a great learning opportunity for the student and if he is doing it instead of some other less meaningful activity then everybody benefits.

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