Lamb & Norman on Open Repositories

It was our great pleasure to have had D’Arcy Norman & Brian Lamb speak to EC&I 831 last night on the topic of open educational repositories. As expected, our presenters shared important insights and engaged students to thinker deeper about concepts which have a continually shifting focus. The presentation helped me to gain a better understanding of the issues around open repositories and open educational resources, and I am very pleased with the depth of conversation that arose.

The recorded Elluminate session is available here. D’Arcy and Brian have shared the session resources on the EC&I 831 wiki. Finally, Rob Wall has produced a podcast (audio only) version available for download.

Thanks again Brian and D’Arcy. I cannot wait to meet you both in person at TLT.

Update: Wow, after reviewing the audio I don’t remember ever sounding so incoherent when introducing presenters. That was just a very poor introduction!

4 thoughts on “Lamb & Norman on Open Repositories

  1. The pleasure was ours (D’Arcy and I agreed it was an absolute blast in a short post-session debrief). I am sincerely honoured to be in such fine company, and relieved that you seem so pleased.

    I’ll be ready to crank it in Saskatoon in May.

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