Stephen Downes on Personal Learning

We are all delighted to have had Stephen Downes speak to our EC&I 831 class last Monday, March 11, 2008. Stephen framed his presentation around personal learning and we received a first-hand look at how Stephen manages an immeasurable amount of information through his own customized software approach.

The presentation is available as a recorded Elluminate session, and the slides are available via Slideshare (below).

You can also download the recorded audio podcast (thanks Rob).

Note: In order to be responsive to constructive feedback, we will be releasing all of the presentation audio from EC&I 831 in audio-only, podcast format. Watch for this.

Thanks so much Stephen! You’ve added an invaluable contribution to the course and to the students of EC&I 831.

4 thoughts on “Stephen Downes on Personal Learning

  1. Alec … truly great stuff … after a week at the AERA educational research conference, I am overjoyed to catch up with what is going on in my “real” learning network ;)

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