I just came across THEBLOG WEEMADE which is focused on”sharing the artwork and creativity of kids”.

Sample Art

Reasons I like the project:
– Simple interface, and quite easy to submit artwork.
– Moderated submissions (I know because I tried to submit).
– Keeps with my philosophy that student work and creativity should be shared and celebrated with/by others, and not held hostage in classrooms and on bulletin boards.
– A visual archive.
– The no-brainer, RSS.

What it is missing:
– I can’t seem to find any information on the project. Can anyone find an “about” page?
– Lack of visible, appropriate copyleft licenses (e.g., CC).

Neat project, and it wouldn’t take much to create your own version of this for the classroom.

One thought on “THEBLOG WEEMADE

  1. Hi Alec!

    Thanks for visiting our blog and your kind words and thoughtful feedback. We launched so quickly, we didn’t even have time to put together an about page! If you visit the site you’ll see one now (or you can just go directly to

    Regarding licensing, I agree with the need for copylefting and will likely be incorporating this in some capacity in the near future.

    Thanks again for visiting!

    Brian @ Weemade

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